The Will Run For Beer Series is a collection of eleven stand-alone races throughout southern NH & northern MA that all have fun after-parties featuring plenty of craft beer! Complete five races to earn your special-edition fleece, or if you’re in it to win it, earn points by placing in the top-5 in each race to be crowned the champion!

The Races

Each race below is a stand-alone event that operates completely independent of the Will Run For Beer Series. The WRFB series simply rewards you for completing multiple races! The season starts in January and ends in June every year. Race distances range from 5K to half marathon, but it’s entirely possible to earn your fleece by running only 5K’s! Click a race below to learn more. Note: Events listed in yellow below are coming soon!

January 1 – First Run 5K/10K (Lowell, MA)
January 1 – Hangover Classic 5K/10K (Salisbury, MA)
February 8 – Hilton Head Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K (Hilton Head Island, SC)
February 23 – Loco Palooza 5K (Salisbury, MA)
March 8 – Hampton Half Marathon & 5K (Hampton, NH)
March 28 – Fools’ 4-Miler (Salisbury, MA)
April 5 – Great Bay Half Marathon & 5K (Newmarket, NH)
May 3 – Margarita Half Marathon & 5K (Greenland, NH)
May 16 – Big Lake Half Marathon (Alton, NH)
June 7 – What Moves You 5K (Exeter, NH)
June 21 – Will Run For Beer 5K & Series Finale Party (Hampton, NH)

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up For The Series

Participation in the series costs only $5 if you sign up by December 31st, or just $10 if you sign up by February 9th! (Yes, you can sign up for the series even after the first two races have passed!)

Step 2: Register For the Races

Signing up for the Will Run For Beer Series does NOT register you for any of the races! You must register for each race separately via their respective websites. Be sure to register early to get the lowest prices and to reserve your spot before they all sell out!

(1) Please register for the Will Run For Beer Series and each race using the same first and last name. If your name is Elizabeth Smith and you go by Liz Smith, use one or the other name, but not both!
(2) If you’re registering someone else, be sure to provide their email address, their home address, and their phone number.

Step 3: Finish At Least Five Races

To earn your special fleece, it’s not enough to simply register for 5 races, you must actually record a finish at each of them! Finish 5 and the exclusive fleece is yours.

(Optional) Step 4: Earn Points By Placing

If you’ve got a competitive spirit, you can earn more than just a fleece! Rack up points over the course of the season by placing in the top 5 for your gender among series participants at any race, both overall and in your age group. This means you’re competing against other WRFB series runners, NOT the entire field! The top 3 men and women with the most points at the end of the season in June get small cash prizes (along with bragging rights)!

Note: You MUST finish in at least 5 races to be eligible for prizes.

(Among WRFB Series Runners)
5K/4M/10K Races
1st Place – 100 points
2nd Place – 75 points
3rd Place – 50 points
4th Place – 25 points
5th Place – 10 points

Half Marathons
1st Place – 200 points
2nd Place – 150 points
3rd Place – 100 points
4th Place – 50 points
5th Place – 20 points

(Among WRFB Series Runners)
5K/4M/10K Races
1st Place – 25 points
2nd Place – 15 points
3rd Place – 10 points
4th Place – 5 points
5th Place – 2 points

Half Marathons
1st Place – 50 points
2nd Place – 30 points
3rd Place – 20 points
4th Place – 10 points
5th Place – 4 points

Example 1: Bob runs the LocoPalooza 5k and is the fastest male runner in his age group among WRFB participants (+25 points) and the second fastest runner overall among all male WRFB participants (+75 points). Bob gets 100 points from the race.

Example 2: Jill runs the Portsmouth Half Marathon and finishes 8th in her age group among all female WRFB participants (+2 points) and 25th overall among all female WRFB participants (0 points). Jill gets 2 points from the race.

The Fleece

(2017 Jacket Pictured)

You can pick up your special Will Run For Beer Series fleece at the final race, the Will Run For BEER 5K, which is held at the Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, NH. Look for the “Race Series Fleeces” table after the race. You’ll get the size you requested when you signed up for the series. If you can’t make it to the race in person, a friend can pick it up for you ONLY IF you email [email protected] by June 15th with the name of the person picking it up for you. Otherwise, you can send us a $6 check for shipping and we’ll mail your fleece in about 3 weeks to you AFTER the last race. Please be sure to include your full name and address. Make checks out to: LOCO Sports, LLC, PO Box 423, Newmarket, NH 03857. A note about sizes: IF IN DOUBT, SIZE UP. New for 2019: fleeces come in both men’s and women’s sizes: S – 2XL. The fleeces are ordered as soon as the series registration closes in February so be sure to make any changes to your requested size in the online registration system before then! We make every attempt to have enough fleeces, but it’s impossible to know exactly who’ll complete the final race to earn a fleece on race day. If we run out of your size at the fleece table, we’ll mail one to you once we have more fleeces embroidered, which may take 2-3 weeks.

2020 Standings & Results


Results for all races below will be available 4-7 days following the race. Results now updated through the Smutty 5K as of Sept 16, 2020


Standings will be updated via the links below 4-7 days following the race.

First Run – January 1
Hangover Classic – January 1
Hilton Head Marathon – February 8
LocoPalooza – February 23
Hampton Half – March 8
April Fool’s 4-Miler – March 28
Great Bay Half Marathon & 5K – April 5
Margarita Half Marathon & 5K – May 3
Big Lake Half Marathon – May 16
What Moves You 5K – June 7
Smuttynose Will Run For Beer 5K – June 21

We do our best to find you in the results after each race but if we missed you, please email [email protected] and we’ll correct it!

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